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Yellowstone Brave 312

  • Buckle model: Brave. Brave is a slightly curved buckle in a timeless rectangular shape. Minimalistic design demands less craftsmanship handwork.
  • Belt width: 30mm. A belt width of 30 mm is usual for business belts.
  • Wood type: Beech. Beech is tough, strong, with a close straight grain and withstands shocks and wear.
  • Belt material: Braided Cotton. Braided Cotton is one of the most common and most used fabrics. It is light, breathable, renewable, and biodegradable. We combine braided cotton with viscose to ensure elasticity.
  • Belt material color: Black. Black is timeless belt material color for any occasion.

Where fashion meets nature. A unique combination, as natural as it gets.

Buckles are made of used wood offcuts and combined with sustainable braided cotton.

Belts are made from light, warm and natural materials.

These unisex belts are 30 mm wide and convenient for casual use.

We use stretched cotton to maximise comfort.

No holes system enables room for exact size adjustments to offer maximum comfort.

No metal, so no allergies, airport friendly.

Easy repair and re-use since we don’t use any sewing.

At the end of the journey biodegradable.

The collection is based on the Impact Design with high social and environmental impact.

Feel good. Look good. Do good.

SIMPLE series

SIMPLE series offers an innovative solution to fix buckles to belts without any sewing or wooden clamp. The solution enables easier assembling of belts while also lowering the production costs.

You can assemble your SIMPLE belt by choosing different belt elements – buckle model, belt width, wood type, belt material and colour of the material.

• Belt fixed to buckle without a clamp, only with the wooden nut and screw
• No metal parts or sewing used
• Size adjustment level: moderate
• Possible personalization

Wood Belt Size

WOOD BELT measures size from end of belt (including buckle) to the centre hole.

Full length of belt is 15 cm (6 inch) longer then the belt size.

To determine WOOD BELT size, measure your existing belt from the buckle to the hole mostly used.

This measurment will be the center hole and the belt size of your new WOOD BELT.

In this example you would order 105 cm (42 inch) WOOD BELT.

Wood Belt standard sizes:

  • XL 115 cm (46 inch)
  • L 105 cm (42 inch)
  • M 95 cm (38 inch)
  • S 85 cm (34 inch)
  • XS 75 cm (30 inch)

Luxury Women's Braided Cotton Wood Belt, Yellowstone Brave 312

SKU: YellowstoneBrave312
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