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We have made a host of changes in 2023. An interesting life is one that evolves from mistakes and, more importantly, the wins in life. This time of existence for us has been a whirlwind of newness. New opportunities, new mistakes, new relationships, and, hopefully, new successes. Our philosophy is to always keep moving in a forward direction. The one thing consistent in the past is the lessons learned and what to avoid in the future. For us, the joy of success is in taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, in having financial security and the peace of mind that comes with success.

We are at the end of Summer (August) and have been scouring the universe for new and exciting additions to our collection. Nothing can perk up a woman more than something new that adds to her vision of what she wants to project to the world. Fashion and a variety of accessories can help you to convey the current status of your personal journey, better than words can say. The merchandise we have chosen for this last season of 2023, is to help your journey be more fun, more interesting, and convey the essence of who you are. While we must make selections based widely on women; age, ethnicity, and state of life, we still have our own personal favorites. Nan is a sweater and shoe freak, and I am just a basic freak who likes to spend money. We are having the best time picking and discussing each item thoroughly before adding it to our line. We sincerely hope that you find your inner freak and find something to dazzle your day (or night)! HAVE FUN, ENJOY LIFE, AND GIVE THANKS FOR EACH BLESSING THAT YOU HAVE!! Oh, if you would like to contribute to our joy, make a purchase and let us know if it added joy to your life. Joy could be a luscious dinner, a movie that touches you, or a lovely getaway location. We love hearing from our customers and making a personal connection.

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