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We are 2 women “of a certain age” who are 1st cousins and best friends. We always go on vacations with our combined families. Nan has 2 daughters and Lu has 1 son and together we have created many fond memories over many years. Of course, we always put aside one entire day for shopping. Our kids looked forward to these days, probably not the husbands so much. They went along to watch us in action although sometimes from a nearby beer garden! We can’t express enough how these adventures have stayed in our cherished memories. Our kids are now grown with children of their own and often recount these memories. It is the memories that last forever in your mind and heart.

Shopping for clothes and all things related to fashion gave us the most enjoyment. Although we never passed up the opportunity for souvenirs, toys, local art and antiques. We have also been known to spend an hour or two in a home improvement store. Nothing is off limits when you are a serious shopper.

Our little “vacation” group consisted of 4 females so, being the majority, it was clothes and accessories that had the highest priority. Our life’s journey always included celebrations, and other special occasions that required a new addition to our collective wardrobes.

Life is a journey that has many stages, twists and turns in everyone’s personal journey. Do not be afraid of change, rather embrace it and you will be surprised how much you learn from and enjoy the experience. As you learn more about yourself and, more importantly, become empowered with knowledge, you will embrace those changes in many ways. You may change your hair style and/or color, you may decide to up-date your wardrobe to reflect more of who and where you are in your journey.

Nan & Lu is the new phase of our journey. We want to give women of all ages some new choices and selections in their personal fashion collection, whether from your home, office or poolside. As much as we have loved brick and mortar shopping experiences, we have found that online shopping has become more convenient and attractive for very busy lives in 2023.

We support women owned businesses, minority owned businesses and individuals who give more back than they take. We would love you to become a part of your journey.

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